Ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance. We require enrollment in a ballet class prior to any other form of dance. OSDS offers classes from 18 months to adult. All ballet classes are taught using proper French terminology and the Cecchetti method. All classes with the exception of Adult Ballet participate in our annual recital. Age appropriate choreography and costuming is a guarantee. We strongly recommend enrollment in a ballet class in addition to any other class we offer.

Mommy & Me
Combination ballet/tap
Toddler students 18 months – 3 years
30 minutes once a week
Adult participation required
Sometimes our tiniest students aren’t ready for a class that that they will attend by themselves. Developing both fine and gross motor skills thru creative movement. Listening skills, following directions, imagination, socialization, beginning steps and terminology are presented in a playful environment. We work with parents to make students comfortable to eventually
be able to take class on their own.

Level I, II
Combination ballet/tap
Preschool and Elementary age, beginning students ages 3 – 6 years old
45-60 minutes once a week
Introduces coordination, balance, musical awareness, listening skills and self-confidence through dance.

Level III
Combination ballet/tap
90 minutes once a week
Ballet students will focus on terminology, proper alignment, positions, balance, grace, discipline, classroom etiquette & pointe preparation.

Level IV
Pre Pointe – 90minutes once a week
Tap – 45 minutes once week
This class is a pre-requisite to our pointe classes. It focuses on strengthening and basic pointe fundamentals.

Level V
Beginning Pointe – Instructor placed
90 minutes – ballet twice a week
45minutes – tap once a week
This class introduces dancers to Pointe work and focuses on building the strength required to be successful safely. Tap introduces more complex rhythms and speed.

Level VI – Pointe
Ballet only – Instructor placed
90 minutes twice a week

Adult Ballet
60-90 minutes once a week
No experience required
Class is offered for adults who are interested in learning dance for the first time, picking back up from childhood or interested in fitness in a relaxed environment
Available on a per-class basis for those who cannot attend regularly

Required Attire: Ladies-Pink ballet shoes, tights, any color leotard, skirt optional, hair in a bun (if hair is short pull it out of face and off neck), no jewelry.

Boys-Tight white t-shirt, black dance pants or shorts, black lace-up tap shoes, and black ballet shoes.