What is Clog Dancing?
Clogging is a North American Folk Dance that originated in the Appalachian Mountains.  It was influenced by settlers with different cultures and backgrounds; therefore, clog is a melting pot of Irish, English, Scottish, Dutch, and German dance styles.  Several styles of clog have emerged throughout the years including buck, Canadian, chug, etc. 
In the past, clogging has been known as a country/western dance but as it continues to evolve, it is influenced by tap, jazz, hip-hop, and many other dance styles.   
What sets clogging apart from other kinds of dance is the synchronization, requiring a tremendous amount of teamwork, in order to sound as one unit.
In My Class…
As we and grasp the basics, we will be exploring three different styles:  standard, buck and Canadian.  This class is excellent for beginners, or if you’ve had some tap or clog lessons previously. 
My classroom focus is coordination, rhythm patterns, synchronization as a team, and clarifying our tap sounds, all while we master new steps, expanding our knowledge of clogging a little more every week!
Required Attire:
Athletic shorts or pants, no jeans and no pants that cover shoes (I need to see your feet), loose fitting t-shirt, clog shoes, and hair pulled back out of face.